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Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops
Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops
Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops
Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops
Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops
Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops
Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops
Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops
Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops
Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops
Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops
Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops
Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops
Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops
Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops

Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops

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The dangers of commercially available antihypertensive drugs: decreased ability of the heart to fight stress, increased risk of heart disease and development of drug resistance.Choose Natural Blood Pressure Relief Drops

--Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops

Pure natural herbal extracts and Deep Sea Fish Oil Extractare strictly selected to gently lower blood pressure without side effects. Short-term rapid and efficient decline in blood pressure, long-term use to provide a smooth blood pressure environment for the cardiovascular, enhance heart function.

When it comes to heart health, recognize Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops for a stable blood pressure for your heart!

Embrace a healthy life, starting with Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops ! We are proud to introduce the latest generation of Hypertension Drops to provide you with a new experience in blood pressure management. One drop makes a difference, a lifetime of peace of mind, so that high blood pressure is no longer a concern for your health.

It is our aim to satisfy every customer, let's take a look at their feedback after using it!

Focusing on the "silent killer", let's learn more about high blood pressure.

It is difficult for modern people to live a truly healthy life, and people's lifestyles will inevitably be a contributing factor to hypertensive disorders. Whether it is hereditary or acquired, treatment or prevention, Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops will undoubtedly be your first choice!

Don't disregard the little value that is exceeded, high blood pressure is far more harmful than you think!

Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops Solve All Your Blood Pressure Problems at Once!

Vascular Cleaner - Omega-3

"Deep-sea fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, primarily including EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)."

Inflammatory Response: Omega-3 fatty acids exhibit anti-inflammatory properties, helping to alleviate inflammation within blood vessels and maintain normal vascular function.

Lipid Lowering: EPA and DHA are believed to reduce triglyceride levels, decrease LDL cholesterol, and contribute to maintaining healthy lipid profiles.

Blood Pressure Reduction: Some studies suggest that omega-3 fatty acids may contribute to lowering blood pressure and improving vascular elasticity.

Thrombosis Prevention: Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce platelet aggregation, lower blood viscosity, thereby preventing the formation of blood clots.

Endothelial Function Protection: Research indicates that omega-3 fatty acids aid in maintaining the health of endothelial cells, enhancing vascular dilation function."

High content of essence of the immortals - Total saponin

Activate blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis, eliminate blood stasis and generate new blood.Important substances necessary for the normal functioning of the human body, studies have shown that total saponin can significantly reduce the increased blood pressure, can significantly reduce MDA, elevate SOD, increase the deformation capacity of red blood cells, reduce the aggregation of red blood cells.

Extra turmeric and eucommia extract to help regulate blood pressure and blood lipids.


Turmeric contains active ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties. There is a correlation between chronic inflammation and high blood pressure, so turmeric has some positive effects on high blood pressure by reducing inflammation.
The active ingredient in eucommia has been studied and found to have a vasodilatory effect, which helps reduce vascular tension and lower blood pressure.

How do Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops work?

Concentrated extraction process, gentle and easy to absorb, no stimulation and no side effects.

Lowering blood pressure and controlling and stabilizing it in two, addressing the root cause of the disease.

Continuously stabilizing the blood pressure environment and providing relaxed physical and mental health.

Ultra-high critical extraction process
Better purity and absorption

Newly upgraded North American technology, 10 times the retention of antihypertensive factors
The "high" content is truly effective and has been proven time and time again!

Above is a table of research on the active ingredients in this product for the human body.
Studies have shown that compared to other products, Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops have a higher active content, longer active ingredient retention time, and are easily absorbed to benefit your health!

“Focus on heart problems, especially high blood pressure!”

——Dr. Alfred  Burt

The problem of cardiovascular diseases in today's society is becoming more and more youthful, and the problem of heart-related diseases is on the rise globally. This can be attributed to changes in people's lifestyles and excessive stress. Various medical researches have been initiated as people are paying more attention to their health. To promote heart health, it is important to focus on every program that contributes to heart health.

Dr.Alfred Burt is aworld-class naturopathic doctor awarded the prestigious DaphneBlayden award for his excellence andcommitment to naturopathic medicine.

”When it comes to your cardiovascular health, I highly recommend that you consider the use of Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops for the effective management of hypertension. Hypertension is a common and serious health problem that can lead to a range of cardiovascular complications if not effectively managed, and in my longtime medical practice, I have witnessed the remarkable effects of Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops on my patients. By regulating blood pressure, this drop helps to reduce cardiac load and improve vascular function, thereby reducing cardiovascular risk.“

What makes Natravor™Omega-3 Natural VasClear Drops the best choice for you?


SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT: This antihypertensive medication is backed by ample scientific studies demonstrating its effectiveness and safety in lowering blood pressure.

CLINICAL TRIAL RESULTS: Clinical trial data show that this antihypertensive medication has performed well in several independent studies and has been shown to be effective in lowering both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Safe for Long-Term Use: Compared to other antihypertensive drugs, this drug has been shown to be safe and reliable for long-term use with no significant serious side effects.

Convenient to use: The drops are designed to be easy to use and are easily embedded in the patient's daily life, ensuring regular medication use and improving efficacy.

Reducing the burden on the heart: the drug reduces blood pressure through a variety of mechanisms, reduces the burden on the heart and improves the function of the cardiovascular system.

Combined efficacy: In addition to the blood pressure lowering effect, the drug may also have positive combined efficacy on some complications associated with hypertension, such as heart disease and kidney disease.


BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations. We hold a patent for this product.